1. I shouldn’t have to get in a car accident for you to remember how important I am to you.

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  4. I’ve fought tooth and fucking nail to get my boyfriend back. I tried like heaven and hell to forget him at one time. But everything kept pulling us back together like putting a quilt together. And although I know he loves me too, it wouldnt fucking hurt to have some reassurance. Some faith. I dont wanna hear “well I hope we stay together” or “idk what the future holds”. Motherfucker I wanna know. I want you to have faith in me, in us, in SOMETHING. Because there is not one doubt in my mind that I wont love you forever. If we ever part, yes of course I ll live, but I ll still ache. Because no matter what I tell my friends and my little siblings, that “if its ment to be it will be”, it could not be. There is only one person you ever have such a strong connection with. Maybe you find them, maybe you dont. But if you do, you hold on tight to that anchor in your heart and soul. And you sir, you will always be my anchor.

  5. What It's Like To Be In Love When You Have Depression

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